As a computing educator, I believe that shaping a student's ability to fulfill their curiosity is the core of STEM education. In-depth insight into fundamental application solutions, logical reasoning, and intriguing problems prepares a student for the job market and ever-evolving research. My college and university majors are Computer Science and Engineering focus on logical reasoning. I experienced that students and teachers have a right to dialogue and reflection, which is the basis for a healthy learning environment. I learned and applied experiences from formal education to introductory-level courses and teaching assistant responsibilities. During my graduate program, I served as TA for seven different courses nine times for class sizes as small as 45 students and as large as 90 students. Also, during my appointment as an Instructor of record at MHSS Polytechnic (Mumbai, India), I taught courses on Computer Fundamentals, Object-Oriented Programming, and Computer Graphic for a small class of 30 students with a more focused strategy of dialogue and reflection in class. I taught a batch of 60 students for the course User-Level Linux Intro (COP3353) at the University of South Florida in the Summer of 2017. At the University of South Florida, I taught and served as TA for courses ranging from core CS (e.g., Computer Organization, Principle of Computer Architecture, Analysis of the Algorithm, Object-Oriented Programming) to upper-division (e.g., Data Visualization, Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering), for both undergraduates and graduates. My responsibilities comprised reinforcing lessons and assisting students as they completed coursework. Additionally, I assisted the instructors in preparing and setting up course materials and information.

Instructor of Record

  • User-level Linux Intro to IT (COP3353) Summer 2017
  • Lecturer, M.H.S.S. Polytechnic, Mumbai, India
    • Computer Fundamentals Fall 2012.
    • Computer Graphics Fall 2012.
    • Object Oriented Programming Spring 2013.

Teaching Assistant

  • Interactive Data Visualization (CIS4930/6930) Spring 2021.
  • Computer Organization (CDA3103) Summer 2020.
  • Computer Info Networks (CNT4104) Spring 2020.
  • Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering (COP4931) Spring 2020.
  • Data Visualization (CIS4930/6930) Spring 2018 & 2019.
  • Object Oriented Programming (COP2513) Spring 2019.
  • Principle of Computer Architecture (EEL6764) Fall 2017.
  • Analysis of Algorithm (COT4400) Summer 2016.